Detandt-Simon and MOBBIT partner up

18 March 2020

Starting in April 2020, Detandt-Simon, a wholesaler of systems for smoke extraction, boilers, water treatment and ventilation, will also offer MOBBIT.


Expertise in ventilation

Detandt-Simon, based in Ghlin near Bergen, has more than 30 years of experience in smoke extraction ducts. To better meet increasing demand from its customers, Detandt has expanded its range over the years to include products for ventilation, heating and water treatment. Detandt-Simon has an extensive base of more than 10,000 Belgian and French customers in the private, professional and industrial sectors. “We have consciously chosen to team up with a partner specialised in ventilation because of its expertise and market knowledge in the HVAC sector,” says Ronny Reygel of MOBBIT.


MOBBIT will be available immediately

MOBBIT products are already available in stock and are perfect complements to Detandt-Simon’s existing range. Detandt-Simon already has available stocks of MOBBIT. “For MOBBIT, it was important to partner with a wholesaler with large stocks. Detandt-Simon has more than 25,000 references in stock in its 13,000 m² warehouse,” Ronny continues.


Exemplary customer focus

Providing customers with excellent service is also a priority at Detandt-Simon. Staff in the engineering and technical sales teams are there to guide installers and project developers before, during and after a project,” adds Ronny.


Training in the pipeline

Detandt-Simon’s engineers and product specialists share their expertise in technical training courses for professional fitters and installers. These courses combine theoretical and practical course work to best address real-life situations and problems encountered. “To support our customers in their ventilation duct maintenance needs, we will be holding training courses in ventilation through the ‘Detandt-Simon Academy’ on 6 and 29 May and 2 September,” explains Juan Baldo, Executive Assistant and Sales Director at Detandt-Simon.

“MOBBIT will soon be included in the training programme. MOBBIT is displayed both in the Detandt-Simon pick-up point in Ghlin and in the new sales point in Liège.


Cleaning and maintenance

“Detandt-Simon is convinced that MOBBIT is the solution for its customers’ ventilation duct maintenance needs. With this simple new Belgian tool kit, our installers now have more flexibility in their range of maintenance tools for cleaning upon installation and cleaning every 2 to 3 years,” says Juan Baldo.