MOBBIT in search for distributors in Europe

4 December 2019

Experience on the ventilation market
For 30 years, Ronny Reygel has specialised in general installation techniques. With his company REYGEL BVBA, he offers services in alternative energies, central heating, sanitary and gas installations, maintenance and testing of central heating and ventilation systems. Based on his experience with brush systems for cleaning ventilation ducts and the problems that he and other installers have encountered, Ronny developed an alternative cleaning system called MOBBIT.

Looking for partner with ventilation expertise
MOBBIT is entering new markets and is in search for distributors in Europe. “We are looking for partnerships with national/local distributors who are specialised in ventilation products, carry stock and have a technical sales force. We from our side will support our partners with new products and with marketing and sales support tools”, says Ronny Reygel from MOBBIT.

@MCE – Milano for international exposure
“In order to get a great international exposure we have decided to exhibit at MCE in Milano. By highlighting our products at MCE we envisage to reach the European professional audience being distributors/wholesalers as well as ventilation installing companies as well as ventilation duct cleaning companies.” adds Annemie Achten from MOBBIT. You can visit us at MCE Hall 9 stand N21.

Revolutionary, ingenious and simple
Using only a traditional vacuum cleaner and a ‘kite’, a rope is pulled into the duct system. The rope is attached to the ‘mop’ that is soaked in water and detergent. The ‘mop’ is pulled through the pipe several times until the ‘mop’ rinse water is clean and free of dirt. The cleaning is done from valve to valve. This means that inspection hatches are no longer necessary and the need to take the duct system apart is a thing of the past. This in turn reduces the extra costs for the customer.
The ‘mop’ made of a bicomponent microfibre with an ultra-cleansing surface thanks to the capillary effects. The chemical splitting of the material creates an exponentially large surface that allows the mixture of water and detergent to absorb dirt. No brushes or rotating movements are required, so the cleaning process is extremely gentle on the ducts. And no water is left behind in the system.
Thanks to its great flexibility and mobility, MOBBIT can be used to clean installations with various diameters. MOBBIT is also a handy tool for cleaning ground pipes and other ducts.