Surprisingly smooth and thorough cleaning

8 April 2020

Chris Coemans learned of MOBBIT through his installer when he needed to have his ventilation pipes cleaned.

“I was very curious about how the MOBBIT system would work and, as a self-builder, I was able to lend a helping hand. First all valve openings of the supply channels were closed. Cords were then pulled into the tubes using a parachute. What a great idea! Then the mop was attached to the cord and pulled through the tubes. The mop was rinsed with water and cleaning product after each pass. This is how both the blower and exhaust pipes were cleaned. The extraction tubes in particular were very dirty. I was pleasantly surprised by the result. It takes time to get everything cleaned out, but I am very satisfied with the product. Smooth, thorough and even without getting the walls dirty.” Another enthusiastic customer!